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Vitae Pondera Code of Ethics

  • Do No Harm; Do Good: Members must work for the highest good and empowerment of all concerned.

  • Shall not diagnose a specific disease or condition.

  • Shall not conduct invasive procedures, testing, surgery, or services.

  • Shall not prescribe pharmaceutical medication.

  • Shall respect and promote client autonomy when providing care and treatment.

  • Not to provide service while ability to practice is impaired emotionally or physically

  • Represent with honesty the benefits and limitations of the product and services offered.

  • Recommend that the client seek the appropriate qualified health professional when the practitioner recognizes a client condition requires further assessment or treatment by a medical physician.

  • Represent qualification honestly, including educational achievements and professional affiliation.

  • Remain current in your profession that is keeping up with the trends and skills in natural health and holistic health industry by attending educational courses, seminars, and workshop or courses. ​

  • Non-Discrimination: Members must not advocate or express hatred or discrimination towards other persons or classes for any reason.

  • Disclosure and Informed Consent: Members must represent themselves, their qualifications, fees, and advertising truthfully and must gain informed consent before practicing on clients.

  • Client Confidentiality: Members must preserve client confidentiality under all circumstances unless otherwise required by law.

  • Professional Integrity: Members must maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct in the metaphysical field, and never exploit, control, manipulate, or mistreat clients, colleagues, or anyone else; nor misrepresent research data.

  • Professional Discretion: Members must practice with full presence of mind; never practice beyond the scope of their training, qualifications, and abilities; uphold the right to refuse or refer a client if necessary; never diagnose or prescribe unless legally licensed.

  • Professional Presentation: Members must maintain a professional and orderly appearance of both their person and their practice.

  • Professional Boundaries: Members must maintain professional boundaries with clients; and avoid conflicts of interest, over-familiarity, and sexual harassment.

  • Legal Conformity and Insurance: Members must comply with all state and federal laws, and maintain Professional Liability Insurance where available for their practice.

  • Record Keeping: Members must maintain secure, clear, honest, and factual client records for a minimum of seven years.

  • Teachers and Educational Organizations: Members who teach at AADP Accredited Organizations must teach with professionalism, integrity, insight, and respect for the higher good and benefit of their students.

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